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Argentinien-Reisen-KarteThe second largest country in Latin America extends from North to South over a distance of 3,694 km. Snow-capped Andean peaks, the highest waterfalls in the world, seemingly endless highland plains, active volcanoes, frosty inland ice, a magnificent flora and fauna, as well as famous wine regions, tango and gauchos … Argentina is just as diverse as it is unique.

Argentina could easily be a cyclist’s paradise. Landscapes which could not be any more diverse, hotspots for which one does not have to spend a lot of time searching for and a flat topography make the region ideal for this type of travel.

Since 2015, we are testing travel routes by bike all across this great country. Because in Argentina it is impossible to just start cycling without any plan. A few preparations are definitely needed. Our Pedalito team has tested bike paths, suitable accommodations, means of transport for luggage and bikes, as well as created unique travel routes. We will make your vacation an unforgettable experience! Most importantly though: We have the perfect electric mountain bikes for these special bike trips.


Weitere Reiseinfos zu Argentina

In Argentina there are almost no signposted long-distance cycle paths at all. On big main roads should not be driven with bicycles since there is usually a lot of traffic on these roads and many trucks make biking uncomfortable. Overall, cycling is not yet very developed in this vast country – at least not outside the big cities in the rural areas.

We have noticed that apart from the main roads there are many alternative routes that are interesting to explore for cyclists: gravel roads, dirt roads and mountain trails. Perfect for tours with our mountain bikes! Special mountain bike trails and areas that are particularly well fitting for cycling tours can especially be found in the northern region of Salta, near Purmamarca and Cafayate (bike group trip Argentina and Northern Chile), but also in the lake region around San Martin de los Andes/Bariloche (coming soon).

As diverse as the landscapes in Argentina – as diverse are the climatic zones. Cold weather, frost, ice and wind dominate the climate in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Up North it gets milder. The climate in the Puna plateau is dry. The grassland (pampa) in the Southeast is temperate, the north of Argentina subtropical. While frequent and abundant rain falls in some parts of the country, others are characterized by prolonged drought.

The months between November and March – when it is summer in the southern hemisphere – form the best travel time for Argentina. This especially applies to the south and the center of the country. Northern Argentina, Salta, Jujuy, Misiones and Iguazú on the border to Brazil and Paraguay can be visited throughout the entire year.

In general, cycling tours in Argentina are possible all year long – except in the extreme South, where the winter can be uncomfortably cold and windy. During summer it can be rainy and humid in the North but this does not affect the performance of a tour. Usually, the seasons spring and autumn are ideal. In the northern half you can also experience the dry winter which is a nice option,too, because cold spells are limited.

The suggested clothing depends on the region. For Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego you need cold-insulating clothing, a breathable and rainproof layer as well as trekking shoes. In the summer months (November to March) and throughout the year in northern Argentina we recommend light, comfortable cotton clothing. A fleece jacket for cooler evenings, sturdy shoes and a headgear should also be included in your luggage.

For a cycling trip in Argentina we also recommend the following equipment in your luggage:
Daypack /Biking Backpack, wind and waterproof jacket, (bicycle) gloves, leg warmer, sufficient additional clothing, sunscreen and lip care, sunglasses / bicycle glasses, cocoa butter or other skin creams, cycling pants, cycling helmet, suitable footwear.
In any case, you should be equipped with: good humor, patience, respect, humor and tolerance!

No vaccinations are currently required for trips to Argentina. A vaccine against hepatitis A however is advisable. Malaria risk exists only for a few regions. Detailed information on health care can be obtained from the Travel Medicine Center or from your doctor.