Chile is a special country, notably because of its geographical extent. From east to west threre are on average only 180 km, but from north to south the country extends on over more than 4,000 km! Pablo Neruda’s “narrow land” thus naturally implies that there are large climatic and cultural differences.

The driest desert in the world, the Atacama, is located in the north of the country. The icy Patagonia and the windswept “Torres des Paine” national park cover the south. The rugged Pacific Coast is characterized by many small islands and fjords. Furthermore, the Andes in the east in turn form their very own habitat, dominated by volcanoes, endless plateaus and mountain lakes.


Weitere Reiseinfos zu Chile

If you are cycling in Chile, it is best to drive along the right-hand side of the road. Occasionally there are also marked wheel tracks, in larger cities, there are of course bike paths as well.

During most of our tours, we drive on paved roads. Sometimes we drive almost alone on these wide routes, volcanoes as gigantic signposts and along idyllic lakes… However, sometimes we have to share them with cars. That’s why we urge you to always be careful and circumspect.

Because Chile is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are exactly opposite to ours in the northern hemisphere. The best travel period in middle and southern Chile is extremely dependent on the weather and hard to anticipate. In the Chilean summer (November till March) the days are longer and the rain risk is low. The north of Chile is, however, a nice travel destination all year round.

Due to its enormous size, Chile must be divided into several climatic zones. In the North, winds originating from the interior of the continent create a subtropical, dry climate. The middle section is more Mediterranean and the South is characterized by cool temperatures and a precipitous climate.

Your clothing should definitely be suitable for your travel destination. While in northern and middle Chile you will mainly need light clothing, you should definitely include warm clothes in your luggage when cycling in the South and the highlands. Particularly in the evening and at night it can cool down quite a lot.

For a cycling trip in Chile, we also recommend the following equipment in your luggage: daypack / biking backpack, a wind- and waterproof jacket, (bicycle) gloves, legwarmers, enough additional clothing, sunscreen and lip care, sunglasses / bicycle glasses, cocoa butter or other skin creams, cycling pants, cycling helmet and suitable footwear. In any case, you should be equipped with: a good spirit, patience, respect, humor and tolerance!

There are currently no compulsory vaccinations for Chile. Nevertheless, a precaution against hepatitis A is advisable. If you are visiting Easter Island, you will need a vaccine when you are coming from Yellow Fever areas.

You can get up-to-date information from a tropical medicine doctor or from the Center for Travel Medicine.