Our concept

In 2015, we started to develop unique tour concepts for travelling with eBikes in Latin America. Unlike in Europe, engine-supported bicycles from Costa Rica to Tierra del Fuego still have a niche existence. Using eBikes as a means of transport is a challenge we gladly accepted. Meanwhile, we offer unique travel ideas for several countries. We are constantly evolving to optimize and expand our product range for you.

“Deep below you are the green valleys around Machu Picchu. Above you the ruins of the mystical Inca city. You and your bike, you are just a tiny point on the vast plateaus of the Andes, under the huge dome of the sky … In the next village, friendly people wave to you and wonder about the crazy cyclists who conquer their mountains in this way. You just stop for a while: a conversation in Spanish or with your hands and feet – an encounter for which you now have time … “

Trend Sport eBikes
We make use of new technical achievements (electric motors for bicycles) and we carry the European trend sport eBikes to Latin America to get to know great destinations in a new way. Open and free – no windshield separates us from the smells, sounds and images of foreign habitats – we come closer to nature than ever before. We not only break new ground with our travel idea, but in fact often take paths that are off the beaten track of popular touristic routes. We are actively on the move, sporty and at the same time very contemporary. Hobby cyclists and more professional cyclists, pleasure travellers, nature lovers and adventurers belong equally to our target group. Travellers with different levels of fitness and performance can be brought together on a journey without any problems, because each one determines for himself how strong the support from the engine may be. Even bikes without an engine can be driven on every trip. We organize group travel and we also design your individual travel programmes.

Cycling all year round
Priority for passionate cyclists: Getting to Latin America by bike is possible all year round, as the ideal travel periods of our different destinations complement each other perfectly.

“A soft crunching under the tires, and continously a new gust of wind: the lake lies before you,shimmering blue and black. Wooded hills line its shores, on the horizon the snow-capped peak of a majestic volcano. Nothing bothers this moment: No engine is heard, no bus door slams – you only hear your breath. Quiet sounds suddenly become loud. You look around. You take the pictures with you – forever. Then you start pedalling  again and continue through the enchanting seascape in the heart of Chile …”

Support in technical and human terms
On all our journeys we drive on modern eMountain bikes, which we selected and tested in Germany and then shipped to Latin America. Thanks to the eBikes, we can offer you not only significantly longer distances, but completely new routes – and all that in the remote, spectacularly beautiful Andean regions of Latin America, which were so far hardly accessible to cyclists. Because even trained athletes reach their limits quickly at altitudes of more than 3,000 m above sea level … And we take you to well over 4,000 m! The powerful battery of our eMountainbikes ensure as well the right dose of “tailwind” on our tours. A transport vehicle with technical support and travel luggage accompanies our groups from place to place and maintains radio contact. For longer route sections our bikes are loaded on the trailer and we take place in the accompanying vehicle (mini-van). By the way, this option is available to us every day …

Meeting with the local people and the intercultural exchange fits our desire to experience travel destinations as authentically as possible. A wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the locals is to visit the village of Luquina Chico on Lake Titicaca, where we get to know the real Peruvian life. You can visit the village community of Luquina Chico on our bike tour in Peru.

We believe that you can hardly experience Latin America more intensively than on a bicycle tour. That is why we are paying special attention to this wonderfully decelerated and focused way of traveling with our Pedalito active tours. Join us!