Pedalito – Experience Latin America. Experience cycling.

You have the dream. We have the bike trip.

Would you like to conquer the great highland regions of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia or Argentina by bike? And would you like to master even steep climbs to over 3000 meters altitude and considerable distances, without having pudding legs in the evening? Cycling in Ecuador from one volcano to the next? Gazing at the sacred valley of the Incas from the bicycle saddle? Or do you want to intensively experience the unique island state of Cuba by bike?

You can hardly experience Latin America more intensively than on a bicycle tour. This we want to prove on our bike tours! The new brand of América Andina – Pedalito – stands for this modern and wonderfully decelerated way of travelling. Since 2015, we are regularly testing new routes for hobby cyclists, pleasure-seekers and more professional cyclists in Latin America and selecting the most beautiful ones. The result of the past years is a creative and innovative travel product: our travel guests “experience” the Andean countries now with wheels and electric support under the saddle – an unprecedented travel experience! And we take you with us…

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Our trips at a glance

Latest highlight-tours in Latin America

Peru by eBike

Group tour by eBike from Arequipa to Cusco

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Come to Peru with us and discover this fascinating country full of natural wonders, exciting history and amazing people and get to know some authentic off-the-beaten-paths that will leave you with jaw-dropping impressions! With our eMountainbikes we’ll not only explore highlights like the Machu Picchu, the white city of Arequipa, the gigantic Lake Titicaca and the breath-taking Colca Canyon, but also the hidden treasures and gems not every tourist gets to see...

  • Modern & high-quality eMountainbikes
  • Higher, faster & further
  • Along the Colca Canyon at Arequipa
  • Visit of a host family on Lake Titicaca near Puno
  • Through the Sacred Valley
  • Historical city of Cusco
  • Hot thermal springs
  • Legendary Inca city Ollantaytambo
  • Nostalgic train ride through the Riobamba valley
  • Inca temple Machu Picchu

Costa Rica by eBike

eBike group trip from the highlands to the Pacific coast

Majestic volcanoes such as Turrialba or Arenal mark our the way as we cycle along river branches, past coffee-, pineapple- and sugar cane plantations, through swamps and rainforests before we finally reach the plains of the Pacific Coast. As we cycle through this magical country, we’ll be also witnessing its great wildlife…

  • Modern & high-quality eBikes
  • By bike from the highlands to the Pacific coast
  • Rainforest hikes and excursions
  • Animal observations: howler monkeys, sloths & co.
  • Turrialba volcanoes and Arenal
  • Visiting locals in Sarapiquí
  • Excursions in national parks
  • Relax and snorkel on the pacific beaches of Sámara

Ecuador by eBike

Bike group trip to volcanoes, crater lakes, national parks and cloud forests

  • Modern & high-quality eBikes
  • Higher, longer, further
  • Experience Quito by bike
  • Mindo and the cloud forest
  • Volcanos Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi & Cayambe
  • Walks at the crater lakes Cuicocha & Quilotoa
  • Thermal springs in the resort of Baños

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